Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hello everyone! Happy Halloween!! We are officially out of candy and its 7:15pm. We hit a new record for our neighborhood. Two hours straight of giving out candy! Woo Hoo! How much candy did we give out. 2,100 pieces to be exact. What does that amount of candy look like? The picture attached times two(eight huge bowls of candy). Hubby dressed up like Santa and handed out candy. It's always a joy to see the looks on the little ones faces when they hear him say Merry Christmas. It's a mixture of happy (to get the candy) and then confusion (when they realize he said Christmas). They walk away slowly but then hurry back and say "Hey mister..its not Christmas" or "Are you the real Santa? If so I would like a PlayStation for Christmas" LOL! Kids are soo funny. On a side note, I am rather proud of myself this year. I only had one piece of candy(bottle caps)! I made a point of not buying any chocolate mixes (the ones with reeses, snickers etc.) to give out. Last year it was diet fail overload! I ate more mini candy bars than I could count! I hope you and your little ones had a wonderful Halloween! Remember to brush and floss after all that candy munching. I wouldn’t want my followers getting cavities!

Blessings to you for the weekend!

Vanessa XX


  1. That is a TON of candy! Our neighborhood doesn't have a lot of kids, so we were pretty dead. The santa costume is awesome!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and being so supportive! :)


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