Thursday, June 10, 2010

Long time no blog

Helllooooo!!!! My bloggy wog tends to hit the back burner when life starts getting interesting. Its summer and sales for my graphic design site have slowwwwed way down. Summer break is nice but I miss working. NO seriously!!

My brother is graduating this Friday! It is hard to believe my little brother is all grown up. Wait, is he? I guess that depends on who you ask! HA

The hubby (a.k.a Bear) is in the middle of a summer photography class. If all goes well we may invest in a fancy shmancy Digital SLR Camera. He has visions of being a wedding photographer on the side.

We are still in the process of creating our own website. Seeing as sales have slowed down we might be able to finish it up! I am soooo excited. It will be wonderful to have our interactive portfolio available to all of our prospective clients.

I updated you all a few posts back with the news about my being a first time expectant auntie!! YAY!! Three cheers for the extreme overuse of exclamation points!!!!! I am still VERY excited!!!! Can you tell? I will be the happy auntie of a brand spanking new nephew in October! Each time we go shopping I make a beeline to the baby section. Buying baby things is so much fun. Hubby says “Geez, if you are looking around and buying all this stuff for my sister’s baby then how much stuff will you buy when it’s our baby??” Just you wait and see Mr. HA!

We really want to start a family. I keep waiting for the “right time” and seeing as the first try didn’t yield happy results the waiting has been extended much longer than imagined. What am I waiting for? I am waiting for hubby to find a full time job so we have steady income, health insurance, a respectable car, a bigger house (we have a small office and a small bedroom) the list goes on and on and on. Everyone keeps telling me that there is never going to be a perfect time to start a family. God will work things out I know. Extravagant things like health insurance would sure be nice though. LOL!

So this is what has been going on since my last post. To stay up to date you can add us on facebook So till next time friends, fans and followers! XOXO

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-1 Corinthians 13:13


  1. FINALLY!!!lol, I was wondering if you could ever pop your head up, I know you are bizzzy. Me too..haha. So much news in your life! I hope Emil gets into weddings. What a joyous job to have, that would be awesome! God bless, I'll talk to you later.

  2. I'm following you on twitter now too!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Nora!!

  4. Thanks for following me on twitter and facebook Beth!!


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