Monday, November 23, 2009

Tis the season for shopping!!

This year is just flying by!!


31 Days

22 Hours

54 Minutes

Till Christmas!!

Now don’t stress out. You still have plenty of time to purchase a decent gift. The question is what are you going to get your mother-in-law, Father, Sister, Brother etc. etc. etc.?? Please don't wait till the last second and make a mad dash to the drug store for a toaster, waffle iron, t-shirt, stuffed animal, slippers or a nifty new nose hair trimmer. Whether you believe it or not people can tell how much thought you put into their gift. Was it purchased with them in mind or in a stressed last ditch attempt to not show up empty handed??

Does your Aunt Beth really need another crock pot? Has your brother always longed for a musical tie with dancing elves on it? Does your mom really love Chia Pets? I didn’t think so!! I completely understand that money is tight this year and the tension is not going to lessen anytime soon. So instead of throwing your hard earned money down on something that will just be re-gifted why not get a present that you know your family members will enjoy? Now I know this might be entering scary territory. You might actually have to do some research or pay attention next time your mom calls and tells you all of the things she saw on HSN or QVC. You might even have to use some of those brain cells that have been hibernating. I assure you it is well worth the effort. Here are a few ideas for fantastic handmade gifts!

Did you know that a unique Christmas card is actually part of the gift? It adds so much more to the presentation. The best part about these wonderful cards is that they are plantable!! When Christmas is over your recipient can plant the card and come spring they will have some lovely flowers to remind them of how thoughtful you really are!! These amazing cards are available at Greetings that Grow:

Why not get mom a vintage piece of pottery like this beautiful vase. Imagine this stunning pitcher filled with daffodils, roses or wildflowers. The turquoise color is calming and the detail is truly wonderful. A collectors dream and for such a wonderful price! Vase available and much more at All McCoy

Do you have someone on your list that LOVES folk art? Check out this beautiful, bright and cheery painting that they will certainly cherish for many years to come. I just love the wandering floral design. This one of a kind painting is available from Essential Things along with many more great gift giving items:

Unsure of what to get your girlfriend, sister, mother or daughter for Christmas? A timeless piece of jewelry is always well received. This necklace is classic in styling, color and design. This design would compliment any elegant ladies wardrobe. Necklace and many more stunning jewelry pieces available at Pinking-Edge Designs:

I hope I have provided you with a few resources for those holiday gifts. It can be hard to find the perfect gift at times. I have found that handmade is always a wonderful choice. Every gift you buy will be one of a kind and will certainly made with love! If all else fails grab a gift card instead of that stuffed Santa!!

Are you ready for the holidays? Finished with your shopping? What is the worst gift you have ever received? Post a reply below or write your own post and place your link in the comments.

Blessings to you!!

Vanessa XOXO


  1. Vanessa,
    What a lovely surprise to find my plantable cards being featured. Thank you so much!

    Home of the Original Plantable Photo Cards

  2. Vanessa your choices are just stunning. I am asking, pretty please, add me to your gift giving list! I love the greetingthatgrow artful cards as well as the fact that they are plantable. That's awesome. I can't wait to go virtual shopping with you this year! Thanks for the legwork for me. teehee. Thanks for the feature. What a great surprise.

  3. It was my pleasure to feature you both on the blog! I hope it brings some traffic to your shops.

    Stay tuned for more wonderful items! Big hugs :)


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