Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day.. What is it to you?

What is Labor Day to you? Is it the end of summer? Is it an awesome BBQ? Is it time to spend with your loved ones? How about praying for our wonderful country? No? Well I for one think it should be. Our country is still in a recession… no matter the reports of a sloowwwww economic recovery. I think this amazing country of ours could use some good old fashioned prayer. Prayer for our president and those without jobs especially (wisdom for him to make the correct decisions.. I surely would not want his job!).

It does not matter if you are a democrat, republican, independent, green or nothing at all. It does not matter if you agree with the politicians. It does not matter who’s side you are on (heck it’s a FREE country isn’t it?). This is about praying for what the Lord thinks is best for our nation (seeing as America was founded on His principals). So no matter what religion you are I ask that you would think and pray for this great country of ours. That it might stay GREAT for many more years to come.

Think about it if our country was sooooo dreadful (like these terrorists claim) why would people risk life and death to come here? It is a Free country so you don’t have to pray, but I really wish you would (I will and am) amongst all the celebrating, grilling, eating and fun.

We are going to have a quiet and laid back weekend. My husband and I will have a BBQ Monday with steak and the fixings along with a homemade cheesecake.

What is Labor Day to you?

I just love John Wayne!

I hope you have the best Labor Day weekend ever!

Blessings and hugs,

Vanessa :)


  1. Hello Vanessa, hope you are doing wonderful....and having a good weekend....I got some needed rain...this week...I have been busy updating all my blogs...Where did the time go?....I need to get this great-granny busy...LOL....Do I have to sleep?...LOL....I do a lot of my cleaning at night. Please check out all my blog...
    Except I have not updated the Vintage Cute Shabby Stuff plan to do that one next week...and yes I do agree with your post of Labor Day...if we would all Labor together in prayer to our Most Wonderful God....and give thanks and glory for all we have in our USA! We would see change in this great Nation we are living in...
    May God blessings be upon your family!
    Love and Hugs,

  2. Hey Vanessa! Hope you are having a fanastic LOOONNNGGG weekend! Labor Day weekend to me means getting to spend some quality time with the people I love most. It also means eating some really good food!

    What a great post!

  3. hey you.. did not forget about etsy banner... but i have a "person" who ended up putting my paypal account on limitations..??? whatever that means.. but i cannot send out payments..still.. hopefully tomorrow this will be resolved! Love your work!!! you don't do silk screening do you? lol!


  4. Vanessa
    Yes , our nation needs some prayer , I should say , lots of prayer. Enjoyed your post & thanks for stopping by at mine !
    You are a sweetie , have a blessed week !

  5. God Bless America!!!

    Sassy Chica


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