Saturday, August 8, 2009

Woo Hoo Pens!!

The car is fixed !! Hubby went out and got it a spiffy wash too(mmm new car smell ha ha). I was searching Etsy the other day for some pretty flower pens in a pot for my desk and came across some sellers that had some particularly beautiful selections. I think these floral pens would make a perfect gift for anyone. Everyone needs pens.. and why not have them be beautiful!

Potted Pens:

Tussie Mussie Ink:

These are sooo lovely you could even place them as decor in your living room, bedroom etc.. no one would ever know they were pens!! For me they would be perfect.. no more hubby running off with my pens!! MWWWAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Stay Crafty & Creative!!


Vanessa :)


  1. How are you ever going to choose? Those are some beauties that's for sure. One of each, kitchen- den- bedroom- office- You find the best stuff!

  2. These are just beautiful! What great finds! I think I might have to have one of these for my office : )

  3. Oh wow! You can't even tell what they really are. Cute finds.

    Visiting from SITS :)

  4. I am in *love* with the very last one. That is so up my alley!

    Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment :) Nice to see a new face :)


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