Friday, August 28, 2009

Breathing new life into your decor.. Curtains

This is part one of a series on decorating your home on a budget. I have been trying to change a few things around in my home to keep things interesting. Sometimes you can get sooooo sick and tired of staring at the same thing day in and day out. Here are a few quick changes you can make without breaking the bank!

Curtains: Do you have some great window treatments? Want to give them a different look or feel? Do you have valances (or scarves) or possibly no valances at all? A great way to give your window treatments a new spin is to either ad a valance (if you do not have them) or switch them out. I have found JCPenney to be great help in this matter. They have boxes and boxes heaped with clearance item valances, scarves and curtains! All of these items are at a deeply discounted rate!! So scour those clearance bins ladies!! Recession or not its always in style to save some $$

I have beautiful light gold curtains in my bedroom. I wanted to brighten the room and bring in some shades of blue (my favorite color) to tie in my other accessories. A great tip on finding a color theme is to look at your wall d├ęcor, accessories or floor coverings. My inspiration was these two paintings that are on my bedroom wall:
Cliff Walk at Pourville Painted by Monet
Banks of Seine at Argenteuil Painted by Edouard Manet
I purchased the window valances in my room (all six) from JCPenney for only $40.00!! They were perfect light silvery blue damask with gold accents, tassels at the tip of each handkerchief hem just stunning! Regularly $50.00 each piece!! That is a total savings of $260.00. You can also check out their online outlet for great deals. Just make sure to measure accurately. There are tips on the JCPenney site on how to measure to get the right look.

Please excuse the bad lighting!

So get your home in shape. Start with one room at a time and create a space that you truly LOVE!! Check back soon for more ways to redecorate on the cheap.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend!! Remember to stay crafty and creative!

Vanessa :)


  1. Wow those are perfect. It is so nice to get a bit of a spruce up in the bedroom! It seems like that is the room that gets neglected the most. Good Job!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Nora! I agree the bedroom does get neglected most of the time.. when other rooms take priority. I hope you have a super blessed weekend!!! XXOO ~Vanessa :)

  3. Great tips! You did a lovely job matching the window treatments to the beautiful Monet art. I don't have curtains in my home. I may have to go to JCPenny and rethink that!
    Thanks for the tip!
    Happy Sharefest! Visiting from SITS!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Cindy! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    We are due for new window treatments, thanks for sharing your decor on a budget tips.

    Sassy Chica

  6. I love those valances! I agree, I get so sick of looking at my same windows all the time...I'm ready for a change too! I will definitely check out JC Penney!

  7. Vanessa , you are not going to believe this but I have the SAME curtains in my bedroom, same olive color & all. I must take a picture to show you. How fun!

  8. Love the ideas. I myself am trying to cuten up our house on an extremely low budget.

  9. I really am not someone that sews but I loved making my own curtains. I had way more fabric and style choices. I love the way curtains can change the whole look of a room.

  10. Hey Melissa. Thanks so much for your comment. I have never sewn a day in my life ha ha. Well I hahve sewn a few buttons etc. but nothing major. I wish I knew how! I can imagine sewing your own curtains would be wonderful as fabric stores always have such a great selection! I appreciate your stopping by!

  11. Thanks so much for stopping in Grace! I know how having a super small budget is. The money I spent on the curtains was b-day money ha ha.... but well worth it. I hope you have a great week!

  12. I am attempting to get crafty I have done about three projects and I am eh about them! My apatrment is so just boring! I look forward to getting great budget friendly ideas from your blog! =D

    p.s Found you on SITs!


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