Saturday, July 10, 2010


Friday I received a cute little box in the post. What was inside you ask? This lovely glass necklace and tile magnet that traveled all the way to my post box from Oregon! 
These beauties were hand crafted by my wonderful sweet friend Catherine (AKA Daffy) at
Sweet♥Heart♥Studio I loved this necklace the first time I saw it, but in person it was even more stunning! The magnet also pictured is just gorgeous. I LOVE trees and her artwork is so full of life! I placed my order Tuesday night and my order shipped Wednesday and arrived today. Talk about lightening fast service! She also has another Etsy shop called Abbas Girl full of amazing inspirational designs.  

Daffy is married to a great guy named Hank who also has an Etsy shop U da Man . Hank creates wonderful crosses, key chains and more from beautiful woods that he hand cuts, seals and polishes. I purchased one of Hanks crosses for my brother Matt back in January and he wears it each and every day. So if you are looking for a great gift stop by their shops and have a look around.
Two very crafty and creative people who create amazing products and offer superior service. This is why I LOVE handmade! Many blessings to you all! XXOO 


  1. Those are some talented Oregonians! Beautiful find.

  2. Thanks Nora :) It seems Oregon is jam packed full of talent!! he he XO

  3. Dearest Vanessa, what a wonderful surprise to see my and Hanks work shared here on your beautiful blog! Thank you so much for this lovely feature :o) I'd love to see a pic of YOU wearing your new necklace!
    xox, Daffy

  4. Great feature on some great folks! Congrats, Daffy and Hank!


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