Monday, July 12, 2010

Do you swoon...

over dresses? I LOVE dresses. The right dress can flatter you in all the right places plus hide the bumpy bits. I hope to one day purchase a lovely dress from Anthropologie. I still have quite a few lbs to go before I can shimmy my way into their size XL but a girl can dream cant she? Their clothing captures a timeless vintage elegance like no other boutique I have seen.

Do you love dresses? Which one is your favorite?  I know I would be happy as a clam to have any of them hanging in my closet. Wishing you a great week! 
P.S What do you think about the new blog look?


  1. I like the blue dress and I love your blog look!

  2. The blue dress is my fave too :) Thanks so much for commenting Alissa! I hope you have a great week.

  3. Yep. I agree. the blue one is cute but so is the white & black polka dot. & Of course. Your blog is gorgeous. I love it. You are so talented Lady V

  4. Mary I LOVE all four of them and the white with black polkadots was my second fave. It is just sooooo 50's. I love the circle skirt it has :D


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