Saturday, February 13, 2010

What keeps me busy?

With all the long absences from blogging some of you might wonder what on Earth keeps me so busy?? The answer is websites! I have been working with my husband creating lovely websites for our amazing customers. I do the design and he does all the scary stuff (AKA HTML coding ha ha). It's a great combo. I love to create the designs and he loves coding.

We only disagree on occasion and the rest of the time things are just peachy (LOL yeah right!). I wont lie we do have “some” differences of opinion like most married couples, but at the end of the day we wouldn’t want to change a thing.

Some women/men might not admit to this, but I know for a fact I am the one voted “Most likely to fly off the handle”. Maybe it’s the Romanian temper? Lets just say a quite a few pens have met their death flying against my office wall he he. I know some of you might find this hard to believe. Vanessa surely cant be anything but sugar, spice and everything nice! he he.

Some say you should never work with your spouse and I was starting to believe the same thing. I now disagree as I am finding it's a wonderful learning experience. It is very helpful in finding out each others strengths and weaknesses. We now figure out who would be best at the design. If its creative website design that is me and if its a basic business professional site he handles that.

I no longer expect hubby to be fantastic when it comes to designing websites with bows, flowers, frilly lace and toys. I mean he is a man after all! So now when you walk into my office you can expect to see less flying pens (was starting to get pricey!). Do any of you lovely ladies have a fiery temper?


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  1. The websites look great! And of course we too get fiery, i blame it on my creative geniusness,lol.

  2. LOL!! I will have to use that one ;-) Thanks so much for posting.


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