Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tis the Season for Ornaments!

I just LOVE getting a few new ornaments for my tree each year. We also do an ornament exchange with relatives who live in other parts of the country. It's always so much fun to share a bit of your style with the ones you love. Ornaments make wonderful gifts. Here are a few wonderful finds I found while searching through Etsy late one night. Great prices, unique items and handmade. Could it get any better?? I think not!

These beautiful wreath ornaments are quite the find! Five wreaths for under $20.00!! They would look amazing on my tree or yours. You can find these wonderful ornaments and more at Shabby Addict:

Beautiful shimmering medallions handmade from polymer clay. These would be a wonderful gift or a great addition to your tree this eyar. They are only $13.00!! You can find these and other amazing ornaments at M. Buster Designs:

Beautiful blue snowflake ornaments handmade from ceramic tiles. Finished off with a beautiful azure glaze. You get all three for under $30.00!! You can find these and more great tile creations at
L'esperance Tile Works:

These were just a few of my finds. So hop on over to to score some of your very own. Do you have a set color selection for your tree? What is your favorite ornament?

Warm hugs and blessings!

Vanessa XXOO


  1. Thanks for cmp on my blog header...I have 2 trees, both artificial, a green one and a white one. The white one is really hard to decorate because of the grand babies and because it is so huge. We go for ornaments by the zillions and really pack those branches, lol. Kid ornies.

  2. Vanessa you are the best !!! I love your work and your blog looks great, those ornaments are so cute too i love the clay ones :)

  3. I love the clay ones too! Ordered a few today for family :) Thanks so much for popping in Heather! Was great to see your cute lil bear face ha ha

  4. Hey Nora! My mom loves white trees. We tried finding her a good one this year and didnt have any luck. She wanted a smaller sized one that was only 4ft but they all looked kinda sparse. I have two trees too. A slim one for bedroom and a huge one for the living room.

  5. Vanessa
    All of those ornaments are so adorable !The wreaths are my fav! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving !


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