Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Romance Please...

As women I think we always long for romance. For me its the romance of the Austen or Bronte novels mainly but this is real life! We settle for dinner out, a movie, a quiet night in with your favorite guy. Men sadly are not the men of books and alas they never shall be! Good thing we can keep on reading ha ha! In the meantime we need to be grateful for what our real life guys have to offer. So go ahead make a list of the many reasons you love your guy. Here are a few of my personal faves:

-His quirky sense of humor that only I seem to get most of the time.
-His ability to make me smile and laugh when all I really want to do is scream!
-His love for me that seems to never fade.
-How he tells me that I am the most beautiful woman in the world despite how awful I might look when I am sick ha ha.
-How he prays with me and reads to me from the Bible each night before bed
-How he makes me breakfast and knows exactly the way I take my tea/coffee
-How he tags along with me shopping hour after hour till his feet are near falling off and doesn’t complain.

I could probably list a few more, but I don’t want to make you all gag!! ha ha

So what do you like most about your guy? Write your own post or place it in the comments below.


  1. This is such a sweet post! And that picture of you guys is so good!

    Have a great weekend : )

  2. OH Vanessa, this is soooo cute you are so funny! What an awesome AWESOME hubby you have, I know you are thinking of keeping him, I think you are a smart cookie!

  3. Yep he is a keeper Nora! ha ha.. thanks so much for stopping by! Your comment brightened my night!


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