Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dish Soap, Mineral Powder and Protein Powder??

You might be asking yourself.. what do these three items have in common??

They are a few of my favorite things! I have been using them for years and wanted to write up a review so maybe you can discover a few new favorite things!.

Method Dish Soap
First up is the dish soap I use each and every day. It's like aromatherapy when you are doing dishes. I love the fresh cucumber scent of this dish soap. It also comes in a variety of other fragrances (lavender, grapefruit etc.) All natural with no icky chemicals and biodegradable! No need for gloves when using this dish soap. Contains Vitamin E and Aloe so your hands stay smooth and soft! Available at your local Target, Lowes or online via their website

4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF 15 by Pur Minerals
The perfect all in one! Foundation, concealer, finishing powder and SPF 15 protection, all in one compact!! Put this on in the morning, a little blush and lipgloss and your ready to go! Makes your skin flawless and doesnt cause any breakouts. Right now this awesome powder is on sale at Ulta!!! Buy one get one free!! Check out the sale via their website:

Biochem Sports 100% Whey Protein Chocolate FudgeThis protein powder is tasty!! It is also good for you as we can all use some added protein in our diet. Whey protein powder is easily absorbed by your body. This powder is sweetened with fructose so its safe for those of us who are watching our sugar intake(and I dont mean looking at your brownie before you scarf it down!! ha ha). I take a few scoops of this chocolate protein powder, 1 cup of rice milk, 1 frozen banana and some ice.. blend it up and enjoy. It's delish and a great price too! I get mine from:

Enjoy till next time ~Vanessa :)


  1. Hey, those look like some really great items, but you know the one I like the best? Sterling Silver Picture Jasper and Smokey Quartz Necklace @ladyvanessa. That is a stunner. Good work girl!

  2. Awww thanks so much Nora :D I still want to go back to making jewelry. It's just soooooo competitive on Etsy so no sales. Who knows I might create a few new things. I hope you're doing well!! God bless you!

  3. That mineral powder is SO great! I love it too. I love your blog, keep up the great work!


  4. The mineral powder looks great! Does it rub off easily though?

    I might get some if it's on sale! Thanks Vanessa!

  5. Hey Krista :) It is wonderful powder! It makes your skin flawless but its not cakey, wont clog pores, wont make you greasy, and it doesnt rub off at all that I have noticed and I have been using it for over a year now :D

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